5 boston history factsCare for some quick Boston travel facts?

Here’s what you should know

Boston is the oldest city in America and it is one of the most important cities as well. The city was founded by Sir Francis Bacon, a doctor from the 16th century.

The city has a rich history and there are many wonderful places to see and things to do. There are some Boston travel facts that you should know about. You might be surprised at some of them. Here are five great things to learn about Boston travel.

Where the name “Boston” comes from

The name “Boston” comes from two words – Bay and a Roman town. The name became popular when the Pilgrims arrived on this shores. The city has been around since the first days of the Massachusetts colony. Some of the early settlers were from Rhode Island. Most of the early settlements were in what is now known as Greater Boston.

One of the original colonies in America was Boston. The colonists established a city here and called it New England. When the English failed in their attempt to take control of the Americas, Boston was one of the few towns to remain. It was attacked by the British but did not fall to them. This was because lots of people fought and died for this town.

The Mayflower founded this city. It was the first colony to settle at the foot of the Boston harbor. They built the first colony house here. The Mayflower’s were very wealthy. The Mayflower’s funded the construction of its largest and most famous churches.

Top colleges and universities in Boston

Many of today’s top colleges and universities are located in Boston. Harvard is one of those schools. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is another one. Other prominent colleges include: Tufts University, Boston University, and Brandeis University.

These schools have been making history and bringing it to the next level since they were built. Some of the famous graduates of these colleges are: Al Gore, Buzz Aldrin and Robert Kennedy.

No scarcity of historic sites

This city has lots of historic sites like the Old North Church and the Boston Massacre Site. There is the Old John Hancock Building which is a historic landmark in Boston. Another thing about this city that you should check out is the famed Boston Tea Party. You can have a nice cup of tea at the famed White House.

There are many things you can do in Boston. For interesting history sites you can visit the Science Museum, the Old John Hancock Building, the Boston Massacre Site, and the Charles River. These things are just some of the things you can enjoy in this beautiful city.

Traveling to this place will be an interesting experience for you. The transportation in Boston is amazing. You can ride the commuter rail, the trolley, the bus or you can use the subway.

This means you will always have an easy time getting around. The public transportation system is the finest in the United States. Other than travel, you can also enjoy a nice walk while being in the city.

A melting pot of international cuisine and music

In terms of food, there are many options you can take advantage of. Boston offers a wide variety of ethnic food restaurants. If you want to satisfy your taste buds, you can try some seafood. Chinese, Indian and Japanese cuisine can be found almost anywhere in the city. These cuisines are a good complement to the history and the architecture in Boston.

Boston has a rich music scene as well. Many bands from all over the world would come to Boston and play. If you are a music lover, then you must see these places.

Traveling to Boston? Don’t get carried away

Traveling to Boston can really be exciting. But do not get carried away by the excitement. Do not get carried away with the touristy atmosphere.

Remember that this is a country and still has its own set of traditions and ways. Bostonians value their traditions and culture so be respectful. Don’t forget to try and visit all the historical places and landmarks listed above!

If you are planning to visit Boston soon, then it would be a good idea to consider all these 5 Boston travel facts. After all, no man’s tour of this city will ever be complete without visiting the famed city gates.  Some of the other famous sites to consider visiting are: Old Man’s Park and Charles River Park.

Endlessly dotting the city are just a few of the many wonderful things you can do in the parks of Boston. If you have the time and the energy, there is really something for everyone in the city.