Maribyrnong Pokie Club Losing Half-a-Mil on Latest Financial Report

One of the Local Government Areas which have been tasked with providing a mid-year fiscal report was the suburb of Maribyrnong. As shown by figures provided by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, the total amount spent by the suburb on pokie machines were estimated to be at about fifty-six million dollars—$153,697 per day, if the commission’s reports are to be taken at face value. 

However, it was the accompanying news which has proven to be a surprise to the most: every pokie pub and club on the area had lost an estimated five-hundred and thirty-one thousand dollars on average.

Among the pokie clubs which had been evaluated, the Yarraville Cricket Club had made about $11.7 M from its seventy-six pokie machines in the suburb. It is closely followed by the Ashley Hotel with $11.1M in pokie revenues, and with Highpoint Taverner rounding up the top three earners with $8.4 M.

Also according to the report, punters have supposedly dealt away at least four million dollars in pokie spins starting from July of last year. The commission had also calculated that the average expenditure for pokies by a single adult in Maribyrnong costs to up about nine-hundred and eighty-five dollars; the “Victorian average”, on the other hand, was up to about six-hundred and thirteen dollars.

Mark Zirnsak, the head of the Victorian InterChurch Gambling Taskforce, was obviously ecstatic about the whole news; however, he still maintained that they have still some factors that they’re left to contend with. “The reality is that the number of adults gambling has decreased (from 2000) to one in five,” he said. He continued by saying, however, that “Because the losses are still so high though, this unfortunately suggests that problem gamblers could be the ones losing more". I large portion of these drops in income are from people moving to play pokies online, site not unlike this one: Big Things Pokies are responsible for the dramatic drop in numbers.

Of course, this won’t be the last “report” of its kind that will come out in the near-future; expect to be barraged with more as the days for this month pile up.


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